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DeLonghi AD1099 Solo Convection Oven w/Rotisserie

DeLonghi AD1099 Solo Convection Oven w/Rotisserie



Commercial quality oven with extra large 1.1 cubic foot capacity Digital Controls with LDC Display make cooking simple and fast Brushed Stainless Steel Exterior with Chrome Details Unique "Heat Circ" technology along with dual heating elements enable the twice-heated air to be displaced over the food more evenly and more directly, which can reduce cooking time up to 20-50% Drop down top heating element allows you to easily clean the top of the oven Two-tier cooking capacity allows you to cook two different dishes simultaneously without sacrificing performance Exclusive Pizza function is specifically programmed to control the entire cooking process to make crispy 12" pizza (even from frozen!) with the simple push of a button. Includes pizza tray accessory! Patented durastone enamel interior is easy to clean and distributes the heat faster and more evenly, producing the best cooking results Interior light 2 hour time with safety auto shut-off 8 possible cooking functions, including bake, bake with convection, broil, keep warm, defrost, rotisserie, pizza function and dehydrate make this the ideal multi-function oven Rotisserie Spit (12.5" usable length) is easy to detach, load & clean Includes 2 cooking racks & 2 low-profile DuraStone enamel bake pans

Dimensions: 19.00" x 23.00" x 15.00"

Weight: 40.06

Your Price $399.95